At Istanbul Cafe and Restaurant, you will instantly feel as though you walked into the city of Istanbul. We offer a variety of Mediterranean and Turkish dishes, all served within a comfortable, warm setting. The cafe provides generous portions, while maintaining modest prices.

Istanbul café and restaurant culinary philosophy is to look beyond the current day geographical borders of the Eastern Mediterranean and instead appreciate their culinary and cultural richness as a whole. In addition to the contemporary presentation of authentic recipes Istanbul café and restaurant cuisine also embellishes the use of Eastern Mediterranean ingredients and cooking methods to create its own signature dishes. We believe that straight forward recipes using fresh, high quality ingredients, coupled with caring and consistent execution is what it takes to achieve flavors that our guests will cherish and keep coming back for.

We don't believe in serving anything from a can or anything that is pre-made. We make all our menu items fresh and in-house.

Yes, our meat is procured from Certified Halal Vendors.

Istanbul Café and Restaurant provides an authentic atmosphere to their customers with its decoration. The restaurant furnished by a private Decoration Company from Turkey. All the rugs, carpets and furniture are imported.